Signal simulator:AS200


Designed for the easy calibration of I/P Positioners and 2-wire-type electrical transmitters.

Lightweight, portable and compact, allowing for a wide range of applications. At output currents other than 4~20mA, one machine can receive signals from a positioner’s output and 2-wire-type transmitter’s 4~20mA output.


Emits a current signal of 4~20mA. The keypad allows seetings of 25%STEP or 0.01mA micro STEP settings.
Allows for selection of display of single units in mA and % terms. Can emit voltage signal of 1~5V (Optional)
Self-powered (18V) specification enabling for easy receipt and display of positioner’s output and 2-wire-type transmitter’s output signal during recharging. Provision and wiring for DC power source and power measurement cuts down on cumbersome procedures.
◇READ Mode※1(Selection Mode)
Can measure and display 4~20mA current circuit.
◇「2WIRE」Mode※1(Selection Mode)
Available for loop testing of two-wire-system transmitters.
*1: Please select a either “READ Model” and “2WIRE Model” either.

◆LED light
LED light automatically on in response to ambient brightness.

Comes with a carry case to facilitate all round ease-of-use.

◆Heavy load response
Switch between up to 500Ω or up to 750Ω.

◆Power source
Dry-cell battery (9V1). Can also be operated using an AC Adaptor (sold separately, TypeA - AC100V).


Basic format Battery operated
(AS200, AS201)
Accuracy ※1 SOURCE &2-WireMode ±0.1%F.S
Input/Output Range SOURCE&RECEIVE
0 ~5.76V(-25~119%)
READMode 0~24mA(-25~125%)
Drive load capacity(AT 20mA) ※2 In L load mode:500MAX
In H load mode:750MAX
Display(LCD) 3・1/2
Temperature influence 50PPM(TYP.)/℃
Battery life
(non-rechargeable battery)
SOURCE Mode In L load mode Approx.7 hours/Full output
In H load mode Approx. 5 hours/Full output
RECEIVE Mode Approx. 8 hours in L load mode
Approx. 5 hours in H load mode
READ Mode Approx. 50 hours
Battery Alkalline battery (9V,006P)x1 ※4
Ambient operating temperature 0~50℃
Storage temperature limit -20~70℃
Dimensions 145×80×40
Weight 320g
Accessories Connecting cord/Carrying case
Dry-cell Battery
option:Ac adapter (9V,300mA)

※1: FS; shows 16mA(4 to 20mA).
※2: At Max output (23mA, 119%), the load amounts approx. 90% of Max load.
※3: Depends on battery capacity and ambient temperature.
※4: Use alkaline battery. Other type of batteries may cause malfunction.

Example of Use

Can be used as signal input source for I/P Positioner or I/P Converter. “READ MODE”
Can measure 4~20mA circuit current.  

Can measure the circuit current of 4 ~ 20mA.

Can receive and display valve open signal and 4~20m 2-wire-type electrical transmitter.

Available for loop testing of two-wire-system transmitters.