Since foundation in 1986, 3S Co., Ltd. has continued on our business with our motto "3S".
Fortunately we have so good reputation in Japanese market where is so severe requirements at services and qualities, and we have many OEM contract with famous Japanese valve manufacturers.
Thanks to those experiences, now number of overseas customers who adopts our products is increasing.
Recently, invested related local company in Vietnam and China, in order to expand our overseas operations.

3S will continue our effort to contribute global industries as the peerless positioner-specialised manufacturer in Japan.

Manufacturing in 3S

Products are designed by Engineering division, developed onto drawings, then we request for parts and units to suppliers. We assemble those parts and units into the final products. We pursue stable quality, certain delivery, and efficient production through our manufacturing.

Stable Quality

Stable Quality

  • Documentation
    Logical process management based on quality control chart
  • In-house production
    Changed to in-house production of some core components for quality pursuing
  • Sampling test
    Sampling strength test and endurance test depending on importance of mass-production parts
Certain Delivery

Certain Delivery

  • Production and sales meeting
    Regular meeting between Production division and Sales division to schedule reasonable production
  • Flexible production
    Adjustable production capacity depending on demands
Efficient Production

Efficient Production

  • Rational management
    Analyse defect-free rate and production time / Adjustable staffing by multi-skill development
  • Continuous development
    Pursue safe and efficient production scheme and environment, by staff's opinion


OEM Contracts

We are supplying products to customers in all over the world through many OEM contracts with major domestic valve manufacturers

OEM contract list (Arbitrary order)

Dresser Japan
Tomoe Valve
Konan Electric
Nippon Daiya Valve
Emerson Valves and Control Japan


Including power-plants and gas production plants, our products are used in all industries such as oil, chemical, steel, paper. medical and beverage, and many of them are the major in each industry.

Domestic Operation

In Tokyo, we have Headquarter & Factory, and also sales office at Mita, Minato-Ku, it covers east of Japan. For the west of Japan, we also have sales office at Hommachi, Osaka. There are many reliable distributor in each area and provide excellent service system.

Overseas Operation

The local subsidiary in Hanoi, Vietnam handles selling and service in Vietnam market and also neighbour countries. On the other hand, the Chinese subsidiary is located Jiangyin city where near from Shanghai, they handles production and sales of positioners specially designed for Chinese domestic market. We have distributors in many countries especially Asia and Middle-East, we are expanding our business into global market.

Hanoi, Vietnam (Sales and Service)

Hanoi, Vietnam (Sales and Service)


Sales of positioners and valves to Vietnam and neighbour countries, and providing services such as maintenance.

Jiangyin, China (Production and Sales)

Jiangyin, China (Production and Sales)


Production, sales and after-service of positioners for Chinese market.