Smart positioner:MP100

  • Flameproof (II B+H2, II C)


■Easy operation, easy adjustment

Auto-tuning available
Easy adjustment with button operation

■LCD display equipped

Procedure of adjustment or situation of running is visible
No need for handy-communicators
Configuration in the dangerous atomospere is possible

■Excellent design

Well-balanced design based on the experience of conventional positioners
High durability for vibration, solid body and low air consumption
Protection against lightning is equipped by standard

■Flexible configuration

Flow control setting at 17 points.

■Feedback signal function available (option)

■HART communication available (option)


Line Definition 1 2 3a 3b 3c 4 5 6
Series Smart positioner MP1              
Housing Standard (Non-explosion proof)   0            
Explosion proof Ex d llC T6   6            
Connection & acting Single acting Rc 1/4 (gauge: Rc 1/8)     1          
Double acting Rc 1/4 (gauge: Rc 1/8)     2          
Single acting 1/4 NPT (gauge: 1/8 NPT)     3          
Double acting 1/4 NPT (gauge: 1/8 NPT)     4          
Electric connection G1/2       1        
1/2 NPT       2        
M20 × 1.5       3        
Option N/A         1      
HART communication         3      
Signal transmitter + HART         4      
Ambient temp. Non-explosion proof: -20~80℃
Ex d llC T6: -20~60℃ (expected)
Actuator Linear motion             L  
Rotary motion             R  
Outlet press. gauge 0.2 MPa               M2
0.4 MPa               M4
1.0 MPa               M0
200 kPa               K2
400 kPa               K4
100 kPa               K0
30 psi *               P2
60 psi *               P4
150 psi *               P0
2 bar               B2
4 bar               B4
10 bar               B0

No domestic sales in japan due to Non-SI unit.


Item Specification
Input signal / Input resistance 4 to 20 mA (minimum range: 4 mA) / equivalent to 525 Ω at 20 mA(Voltage across terminals 10.5 V DC Typ)
Supply air pressure 0.14 to 0.50 MPa
Stroke / open angle Linear motion: 10 to 100 mm Rotation angle of feedback lever 45°(40 to 100°)
Rotary motion: Rotation angle of feedback lever 90° (40 to 100°)
Air connection Standard: Rc 1/4 (Pressure gauge Rc 1/8)
Option: 1/4 NPT (Pressure gauge 1/8 NPT)
Power connection Standard: G 1/2 Option1: 1/2 NPT Option2: M20×1.5
Protection of enclosure IP66
Type of Protection “Standard: Non-explosion proof
IECEx: Ex d llC T6 Gb
TIIS: Ex d llC T6
Other certifications have been applied for.
Operating temperature range “Standard model: -20 ~ 80℃
Explosion-proof model: -20 ~ 60℃
Flow characteristics Linear, near equal-percentage, quick open, user setting(17 setting points)
Manual action A/M swtch function (Single Acting only)
Weight Approx. 3.8 kg
Material Aluminum Diecasting (Specially anodized)


Function Items Specification
Feedback signal Output signal range 4 ~ 20 mA DC (reverse output is available)
Input voltage 24 V DC (12 to 36 V DC) Explosion proof: 12 to 24 V DC
Accuracy ±1.0% F.S to the position cognized internally
Communication function HART communication HART7


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