Actuator for damper:WP


◆Ambient temperature -10~83℃
◆Easy Zero / Span adjustment.
◆Easy maintenance


Specification WP200 – Double Acting
Input signal 20~100kPa
Supply air pressure 0.14~0.7MPa(140~700kPa)
Stroke 125mm
Air connection Standard:Rc1/4(Pressure gauge Rc1/8)

Option:NPT1/4(Pressure gauge NPT1/8)
Pressure gauge Standard:0~0.2MPa、0~0.4MPa、0~1.0MPa

Option:kpa, psi *,bar
Cam Standard: Linear Option:Non-Linear
Ambient temperature Standard:-10~83℃
Weight Approx.8.0㎏
Material Body / cover : Aluminum diecasting (specially annodized
Linearity ±3.5%
Hysterisys 2.0%
Repeatability 1.0%
Sensitivity 1.0%
range of supply air 0.3%/0.0Mpa
tolerance by posture 10°:0.5% / 90°:1.0%
vibration resistance 1%/1G
Air consumption 10Nℓ/min At SUP 0.4MPa and Output75% balancing
Output air capacity 140/min At SUP 0.4MPa
Balancing pressure 75%

* No domestic sales in japan due to Non-SI unit.