Filter Regulator:XR


◆Compact and lightweight
Compared to a conventional filter regulator, a third to a fifth in weight.
◆No need for bracket
XR can be attached to positioners or any items with nipple joint.
◆Polypropylene cloth-free filter
Polypropylene cloth-free filter, with less flow resistance Compared to sintered filter, a seventh flow resistance.
◆Selectable connection mouths 2 inlets and 3 outlet is available.


Specification XR100
Ambient temperature -20 to 83°C
pressure range 0 to 0.2MPa、0 to 0.4MPa、0 to 0.8MPa
Output pressure gauge 0.2MPa、0.4MPa、1.0MPa
Option: kPa, bar, psi *
Air connection body
(pressure gauge)
Rc1/4 、 NPT1/4
Filter element material polypropylene cloth-free filter 5μ
Element D=20、H=30
Air resistance
1.5kPa at 100Nl/min
4.5kPa at 300Nl/min
9.0kPa at 600Nl/min
Air consumption Pressure setting(Max) 0.5Nl/min: 0.14MPa
0.6Nl/min: 0.24MPa
0.7Nl/min: 0.40MPa
Max. air supply pressure 0.9MPa
Weight 1 Outlet model: Approx. 240 g,
3 Outlet model: Approx. 260 g
Material Body: Aluminuim Diecastings
Bonnet: Aluminuim Diecastings
(Special Anodize)

*1 No domestic sales in japan due to Non-SI unit.

Regulation Characteristics

Flow Characteristics