I/P Electropneumatic converter:TE


◆Small and lightweight design: weight 1.8kg even with pressure regulator attached, representing a big improvement in compactness and usability on previous models.

◆TE100/200 offers excellent, high precision in any environment.

◆Pressure regulator is rigged into the main body, removing the need for feed pipes.

◆Easy Zero-Span adjustment and auto/manual function.

◆Easy wall mounting using two types of brackets.



Item TE100
(with a junction box)
(without a junction box)
Supply air pressure 140kPa
Output pressure 20~100kPa
Input signal 4~20mADC
Accuracy ±0.5%
(Linearity: ±0.2%, Hysteresis: ±0.2%, Repeatability: ±0.1%)
Output air capacity 40Nl/min (approx.)
Air consumption 3Nl/min(with a Mini-Set integrated,4Nl/min)
Operating temperature limit Ambient temperature Standard: -20 to 80C°
Explosion proof (ExdIIBT6): -20 to 60C°
Ambient temperature Standard: -20 to 80C°
Explosion proof (ExdIIBT6): -20 to 60C°
Air connection Standard: Rc 1/4 (Gauge Rc 1/8)
Option: NPT 1/4 (Gauge NPT 1/8) female
Electrical wire connection Standard: G1/2, Option: NPT1/2 female
Structures Non-explosion proof
frameproof :
Ex d llB T6
Non-explosion proof
Weight Approx 1.6kg (1.8kg with a Mini-Set integrated) 1.3kg (1.5kg with a Mini-Set integrated)
Major material Aluminum Diecastings (ADC12)
pneumatic instrument / precautions
* clean dry air (dew point – 30℃ or below) is required.

* air filter (mesh 5μm or less) is required.